In my professional career, which at the time of writing spans around two decades, I have worked with many individuals from all walks of life. Everyone is a character in the movie called life and everyone is unique in their own way, but sometimes, with a very select group of individuals, there is something different and not so easy to describe. These individuals leave an indelible imprint. Hazel is one of those individuals.

I worked with Hazel as a Freelance Retoucher at Peloton Interactive for close to two years, where she was Retouch Manager. Hazel was my first contact with Peloton and it was she who led my onboarding into the retouch team. From day one, she remained a constant, responsible and very responsive leader. She encouraged the sharing of ideas and feedback from each member of the retouch team. Whether you were freelance or full-time, Hazel made sure you knew you were an integral part of the team.

Managing any group of individuals brings challenges, but managing creatives takes a special touch to do well and Hazel’s way of managing is stellar. Not everyone understands creatives and the nuances of individuals who often see things just a bit differently. She assembled an incredible team of professionals who meshed so well together; I always looked forward to working with this retouch team. If the team was a ship, then Hazel wasn’t only a captain, but she was also a lighthouse, a guiding light. It was refreshing having such a manager. Projects were kept on track, without micromanaging. She would maintain open communication and always do regular check-ins, but in a well-balanced manner.

- Steven Burnette: Retoucher at Peloton Interactive

Haize ensured that my needs as an up and coming designer were not only met but she went to the extra mile to ensure that my custom apparel was well represented. She is detail oriented and keeps a positive outlook on making what seems impossible possible. I would recommend her for any project because her commitment to properly execute your vision becomes her priority and always is successfully accomplished!

- Tenisha Campbell: Clothing Designer

As someone who worked underneath Hazel for almost 4 years, I can say without a doubt that she helped transform me and my career into what it is today.

She is driven, fair, firm, creative, fun, silly, practical, and always taught me to see the bigger picture and how to make decisions that set you up for future success.

Hazel has had years of experience fostering the growth of countless retouchers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience, and she’s able to see the individual strengths in each person to make the team stronger as a whole.

Anyone who gets to work alongside Hazel considers themselves lucky, and I always feel grateful I was able to have her as my team lead and manager.

- Katie Hawran: US Retouch Manager at YNAP

I have the pleasure of working with Hazel at Peloton. She has keen sense for balancing quality and productivity, which is instrumental for the growth of the Retouching team. Hazel is a natural leader with an incredible work ethic and passion for her craft, it is such wonderful experience to work and gain knowledge from her.

- Jaime Cody Rosman: Post Production and Retouching Manager | Educator

I had the opportunity to work Haize on a few graphic design projects. She provided a great service. She is creative and innovative. I also worked with Haize as I was a designer in one of the shows her company at the time put together. She is diligent and produces great work. I recommend her talents and work.

- Gwen Beloti: Creative Director and Fashion Designer

Haze is one of the most creative passionate person I've worked with and when It come to productivity and creative ideas she delivers great results.

- Jean Fredeling: Fashion Designer 3rd Eye Brand

My time working with and for Hazel Ravago has been nothing but beneficial to my career in post production.

Before becoming the retouch manager, she demonstrated a willingness to help me and my peers become better retouchers. The techniques I learned, allowed me to progress my skills to become a more competent and contributing member of the YNAP retouch team.

Upon her promotion to team manager, she gave everyone equal opportunities to expand their team roles outside of retouching alone. This allowed myself to become more well rounded in my position putting me in a good place to further grow in the industry.

Her management style has been something I have borrowed influence from in my own experience as a post production manager for Creative Drive.

- Aaron Steele: Post Production Manager at CreativeDrive

Friendly, professional, and even fashionable!! Hazel is an amazingly personable manager who brings joy and laughter into the workplace. I know I can go to her for any questions or concerns I may have and she will be willing to help - no questions asked! I have worked with Hazel since 2017 and am so happy to have had her as a manager for these past years. She is a great leader and I’m lucky to be under her wing.

- Taylor Franco: Photo Retoucher at SCAD

Hazel has been a great manager to work under. She cares about her team and makes sure our needs are met and we have support within the studio. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel like you can go to her with any issues. She is very understanding, accommodating, and she looks out for our best interest as a team and as individuals. She has been a great manager and I appreciate the time I’ve spent on her team.

- Kristina Mercado: Photo Retoucher at YNAP

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